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Do you need a free proxy list in TXT format? If so, you've come to the right place! We've compiled a list of proxies from around the web that you can use for your own purposes. Each proxy on our list is in TXT format and can be easily used with most web browsers and other software. Simply copy and paste the proxy into your settings and you're good to go!

What is a proxy list?

A proxy list is a collection of publically available IP addresses that can be used to access the internet. These IP addresses can be used to bypass restrictions or censorship, or to surf the web anonymously. Proxy lists are often updated regularly, and free proxy lists are widely available online.

How to use a proxy list

If you're looking for a free proxy list in TXT format, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll show you how to use a proxy list to help protect your online privacy.

A proxy list is a list of IP addresses that can be used to route your traffic through another server. This is useful if you want to hide your real IP address or bypass geographical restrictions.

To use a proxy list, simply find a reputable source (such as the one linked below) and download the list. Then, add the proxies to your browser or software settings. For detailed instructions on how to do this, consult the documentation for your browser or software.

Once you have configured your browser or software to use the proxy list, all of your traffic will be routed through the proxies on the list. This will make it appear as if you are located in another country or region, which can be helpful if you want to access geo-restricted content.

Keep in mind that using a proxy list will slow down your internet connection and may cause some websites to not load properly. Additionally, your ISP may be able to see that you are using a proxy and may take action accordingly. Therefore, it's important to choose a reputable source for your proxy list and use it sparingly.

The benefits of using a proxy list

A proxy list is a list of IP addresses that can be used to access a website or online service. Proxy lists are often used by businesses and individuals to increase their online security and privacy.

There are many benefits to using a proxy list, including:

1. Increased security and privacy.

When you use a proxy list, your IP address is hidden from the websites you visit. This makes it more difficult for hackers and cyber criminals to track your online activity and steal your personal information.

2. Access to blocked websites and content.

Many workplaces and schools block access to certain websites, such as social media or gaming sites. However, if you use a proxy list, you can bypass these restrictions and access any website you want.

3. Save money on online shopping.

Some online retailers change their prices based on your location or IP address. By using a proxy list, you can trick these websites into thinking you are located in a different country or region, which could help you save money on your purchases.

The best free proxy lists

If you are looking for a free proxy list in TXT format, there are many sources online that can provide you with a list of free proxies. However, not all of these lists are created equal. Some lists may be out of date, or may only include a limited number of proxies.

To get the most from a free proxy list, it is important to find a reliable source. A good place to start is with the ProxyList website ( This site provides a constantly updated list of free proxies, as well as paid services that offer more features and greater reliability.

The ProxyList website offers several features that can be useful for users looking for a free proxy list. For example, the site allows users to filter the list by country, which can be helpful if you only want to use proxies from a specific country. Additionally, the site includes detailed information on each proxy server, including its IP address, speed, and uptime percentage.

How to find the best proxy list for your needs

If you are in need of a free proxy list, there are a few ways to go about finding one. The most popular way is to search for "free proxy list" on a search engine such as Google. This will bring up many results, but not all of them will be applicable to your needs.

Another way to find a free proxy list is to look on forums or message boards that discuss internet privacy and security. These places are often full of people who are willing to share their knowledge and help others find the best resources.

Once you have found a few potential sources for your free proxy list, it is important to vet them before using them. This can be done by reading reviews or checking out user feedback. Once you have found a reliable source, make sure to bookmark it so you can easily find it again in the future.


We hope you found this free proxy list in TXT format helpful. If you need more proxies, be sure to check out our other lists. We have plenty of other proxy lists available, including ones for specific countries and regions. No matter what your needs are, we're sure to have a proxy list that will suit your needs.


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